Company Profile

Gozuyilmaz marine company profil 1996Gozuyilmaz LTD. is a marine engineering company, which was established in 1996 for answering technical and mechanical requirements of merchant and naval ships, operating in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, particularly in the Aegean region. Since then, we have been conducting word-class engineering, marine construction, repairing and project management services. We are now a second generation family business, with reputable engineers and qualified technicians; many with 20 years + hands on experience in the industry.

Starting with the steel replacement and repair, Gozuyilmaz LTD. expanded its service range to construction of fast patrol vessels, cutter suction dredgers, pilot and work boats, pontoons, barges, jetties and alike floating steel structures as well as block construction of ships and boats.

Since the very beginning, the company has adopted constant quality principles, used highly skilled labor, latest and the most environmentally friendly technologies in addition to its standard post-contract-guarantee service. In time, Gozuyilmaz become an increasingly reliable player in the region and expanded its business as primary contractor to a wide range of private and state owned customers.

Gozuyilmaz marine company profil 2013

Together with rapid economic developments in Maritime industry in Turkey as well as in near geographies, Gozuyilmaz LTD. has restructured its consultation capability, and started sharing its knowledge and expertise with overseas companies, which require accumulating local knowledge to succeed their projects at unfamiliar geographies.

In 2000s, Gozuyilmaz LTD. expanded its constant operations towards Middle Eastern and Caucasus Regions and become service supplier and solution provider of major global players particularly in defence, energy and offshore industries. In addition to its marine constructions operations at home, for such major players, Gozuyilmaz LTD. conducts world class  project management, quality control and quality assurance engineering, structural analysis, surveys and alike marine engineering services globally.

2010s has been bright years for Gozuyilmaz Ltd. The company has managed to achieve many succesful projects in the first half of the decade including:

  • Construction of Meltem Izmir, the first Cutter Suction Dredger, which was built by a private yard in Turkey
  • Quality Control & Quality Management Engineering for Admiral Pitka, Flag Ship of Estonian Navy
  • Design and construction of water jet driven, Fast Patrol Boat (34 kts.) for the Ministry of Fisheries for Izmir (out of HDPE)
  • Analysis, design, supply and lounch of dredging equipment, 1 km. HDPE pipleline, floaters, elastic hoses and equipment for the Municipality of Izmir
  • Quality Control & Quality Management Engineering for Floating Steel Bridges of Al Noor and Al Majnoon for Shell in Iraq
  • Design and construction of 8 SAR Boats for the Gendarmerie Coast Guad of Turkish Navy
  • Design and construction of fast rescue boat (43 kts) for the Municipality of Istanbul
  • Design and construction of Bathymetrical Research Vessel for the Turkish Navy, Department of Oceanography & Hydrography 
  • Design and construction of 4 SAR Boats for the Municipaity of Istanbul
  • Quality Control & Quality Management Engineering for Admiral Pitka, flagship of the Estonian Navy
  • Design and construction of 2 x fast Patrol Boats for the Istanbul Marine Police (out of HDPE)
  • Design and construction of surface drive propelled Fast Patrol Boat (38 kts.) for the Ministry of Fisheries for Yalova (out of HDPE, under construction)

Our 10 Golden Principles are 

  • To use the latest technology for the best quality of service
  • To have a constructive, result-oriented, if needed revolutionary, approach at all time
  • To offer a life-time guarantee for the works done, whenever possible
  • To keep up constant after-service-dialogue and best assistance with the customers
  • To use no fossil energy , where possible
  • To protect the environment at all costs
  • To have an open-mined, honest, cooperative work ethics both for intra, and inter-company relations.
  • To pass over the accumulated expertise to younger generations ( YPDP )
  • To behave socially responsible and invest in underdeveloped regions, when possible
  • To support and encourage disadvantaged, disabled and indigenous people.


Gozuyilmaz marine company profil 2013