Gozuyilmaz Ltd has successfully launched 14 m. fast patrol craft, which is to be delivered to Yalova Directoriate of Food Agriculture and Fisheries after FAT and SAT tests to be completed.


Gozuyilmaz Ltd has moved to its new company owned 7000 m2 shipyard located in Sasalı, Çiğli İzmir 


Gozuyilmaz Ltd has successfully delivered 2 fast patrol vessels to Istanbul Marine Police, 3 weeks ahead of the official schedule 

Gozuyilmaz and Istanbul Marine Police has signed a contract for design and construction of tow high speed patrol boats to be delivered on December 2016


The 16.5 m. Fast Patrol & Surveilence Boat for ministry of Fisheries was successfully delivered to the Ministry officials

8 fast patrol boats was successfully delivered to the Turkish Navy (Deniz Jandarma)

12 month contract for delivering all maintenence, service and spare parts services for Meltem Izmir Cutter Suction Dredger has signed with Izmir Municipality

Delivery of 1000 m. pipleline with floaters, elastic hoses and all fitting equipments has signed with IZSU of Izmir Municipality

Gozuyilmaz succesfully awarded the tender for the supply and installation of side fenders for the ships Meltem Izmir and Imbat Izmir of IZSU in Izmir, Turkey

Gozuyilmaz succesfully completed the first Phase of Admiral Pitka Project
in Tallinn, Estonia.

Gozuyilmaz has signed a contract with SGS for structural analysis and capacity assesment of the floating steel pontoon bridges of Al Noor and Saad at Basra area, in Iraq

Gozuyilmaz has signed the a second contract with NATO's NPSA (NATO Supply Agency) for the extention of Refit and Refurbishment Project of Admiral Pitka

Gozuyilmaz signed a partnership contract with Margetis Maritime Consulting in Athens, Greece.

Gozuyilmaz has signed the contract with NATO's NPSA (NATO Supply Agency) for the creation of WPs and TDP creation for the Estonian Navy's Flagship Admiral Pitka in Tallin

There have been quite an intensive media coverage about this first ever Cutter Suction Dredger Turkey's private shipbuilding industry. We wanted to share a few of those videos and articles about Gozuyilmaz's recent project: 
 Gozuyilmaz Marine Technic; Turkey's leading player in dredging industr

For 2012 summer internship period, following people from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Ship Construction and Maritime Technologies,  Mesut Tamer ve Celalettin Büyükgidiş were accepted as principals interns. Congradutations for them both.
In addition to ISO 9001 ve ISO 14001 certificates, Gozuyilmaz has added ISO 18001 certificate to her unmached standads of quality.
Gozuyilmaz has moved to the address of Ataturk Organised Industrial Zone (A.O.S.B) 10027 Sok. No: 11 Due to the need for a third workshop in addition to the existing workshops. They will remain as provisional construction workshops in addition to the new one in AOSB.

Gozyuyilmaz Ltd. has signed the contract with IZSU, Izmir Municipality to construct a 500 Cutter Suction Dredger Ship. The project will be used to dredge on the Northern Bank of Izmir Gulf to allow penetration of current and eventually to clean the Gulf.
Links to local media coverage can be found below:

Our company has completed the necessary infrastructure works and received ISO 14001:2004Environmental Management System Certificate 
Turkısh Navy MTB Ship telescopic deck cranes and delivery of the supply and installation wascompleted.

Izmır Navy Shipyard, 300 tons steel processing and 19200 m2 sand blasting & paint jobs contract signed.

180 tons of steel processing labor service has succesfully completed in Golcuk Shipyard

Our Project Manager Duygu Şengül and AGM for International Business Development Özgür İnam succesfully completed Project Cycle Management education, which was run by Izmir Development Agency in the Aagean Chamber of Industry's HQ. on 12-13 February 2009.

We are happy to announce that Gozuyilmaz Ltd and MEP Systems Pte. Ltd., which is an important deck Machinery Systems producer in Singapore, are intended to sign a partnership deal; including  distribution and agency agreements. For further info about the company please see the link below

Gozuyilmaz is invited to the EuMathe i-techpartner New Materials Forum, which is organised by Europe Unlimited in association with IMPIVA and supported by the European Commission under the PRO-INNO Europe initiative. The forum will take place in Valencia, Spain, on March 5-6, 2009.

SMM Istanbul Ship Building and Marine Technologies Exibition 21-23 January 2009
Gozuyilmaz has taken part in the first SMM Istanbul event, which was held at the ICEC-Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre. Our company had conducted significant negotiations with shipyards, manufacturers, equipment suppliers of marine industry from all over the world.

Gozuyilmaz is very poud to announce Ms. Duygu Şengül joining our team. Ms. Sengul has substantial experience in Project Management and Development field. She will lead the Research and Project Management department.

Gozuyilmaz sucessfully completed its contract with Petkim Petrochemicals Holding Co. regarding the repair and the maintenance works of the tug boat "Petkim-I".