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Our Partners & Distributions
Margetis Maritime Consulting is evolving in a leading Service Provider to Maritime Institutions, such as Hull & Machinery Underwriters and P&I Clubs, whilst also provides services upon instructions by Marine Insurance Brokers and Solicitors and Ship-owners, on a worldwide basis.
  Holland Dredge Design has a solid foundation in the World of dredging. This foundation is based on years of experience in the field at Van Waning’s Zandzuigerij, one of the leading names in Dutch dredging and as a builder at Bagema BV, a well-known and respected name in the dredging world.
  MEP (Marine Equipment Product) Systems of Singapore, is a total system solution provider, operating principally on Deck Machinery, Product Agencies & Fabrication & Engineering Services and Shipbuilding & Turnkey Procurement Management ares.
  Vanguard Automation  Drives Company,headquartered in München, Germany, operates in industrial automation and drive systems industries. Vanguard Auto & Drives currently conducts business in steel, metallurgy, chemisrty and marine industries. Over the past years Gozuyilmaz and Vanguard have conducted many successfull operations mostly in marine automation industry.
  CT Systems CT Systems is an innovative company with more than 30 years of experience, and is highly experienced in every professional maritime sector. Situated on a central location along the Dutch coast line nearby Den Helder, the Capital of the North Sea. The main activities are development and installation of hardware and software for use in the offshore-, comercial fishing-, survey-, maritime construction and dredging sector.