Social Responsibility

 Gozuyilmaz Engineering & Marine Industries is proud to sponsor Turkey's first Sail-Ability Project 'Engelli Degil Yelkenli' 


Main Aspects of Sail Able Project

Sail-able is a long term project, which eventually aims to improve the quality of lives of disabled people in Turkey. 

The first phase of the project takes 8 months. During this period; 72 kids between the ages of 11 to 17 with visual and oral disabilities, are instructed 20 hours of standard beginners’ sailing lessons by instructors with the assistance of volunteers; under the supervision of specialists.

The first phase of the project is financed by Turkey’s State Planning Organisation and controlled by Izmir Development Agency.

5 distinguished organizations have came together to realize the project. These are: Contemporary Disabled Life Association (leading organization), Karsiyaka Sailing Club, Tulay Aktas Deaf&Mute Elementary School, Piri Reis Grammar Schools, Izmir Chamber of Shipping and NTV (National Broadcasting Channel). 

Once the first phase is completed, the second phase of the project is mostly focuses on “fund-raising” events, which aims to accumulate enough capital, in order to establish first ever “Disabled Sailing Club” in Turkey. For the second phase we have already great names (celebrities) and institutions in our support. Our sponsors and supporters include Garanti Bank (5th biggest bank in Turkey) Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Okan Bayülgen (actor, producer) Burcu Esmersoy (model, presenter) Rıdvan Dilmen (legendary football player, producer), Celal Pir (Producer, presenter).

The last phase will be focusing on sustainability of this club. For this purpose, we will re-structure the club as a foundation, which can self-sustain via tax-free revenue coming from sailing lessons for both regular and disabled people; rent out boats and other profitable activities likewise. 

goozuyilmaz marine Social Responsibility 

 The most important aspects of Sail-able Project:

• Sail-able brings two fresh ideas into disabled development projects in Turkey: The sea and sailing. The sea has a great natural rehabilitation potential over disabled people. The sea also improves the self-confidence and joy of life of people. Sailing is a team sport, which improves decision-making ability and the ability to overcome unexpected difficulties. So-far there was no systematic attempt in Turkey regarding disabled sailing.

• Sail-able brings a huge group of volunteers from different NGOs and CSOs on one purpose. This creates both a unique opportunity for the disabled youth to improve their social integration capabilities, also an important forum to increase the participation and support of civil society towards disabled development in Turkey.

• Sail-able aims eventually to establish the first ever disabled sailing club in Turkey. In addition to its existing sponsors, in order to maintain sustainability, Sail-able will conduct sponsorship talks with two leading institutions each month during the project. Also, Sail-able has already celebrity volunteers and important sponsors, some of which were mentioned above. 

• Sail-able has a very strong multiplier effect such as;

1- It could be repeated every sailing club in Turkey.
2- It leaves a very solid written and visual on-purpose training and education resources for others to make use of.
3- It has very strong media coverage by having Turkey’s oldest and most respected broadcasting channel, NTV as its official media sponsor.   


gozuyilmaz engineering Social Responsibility

  Sail-able’s official parties (1st Phase):

• Izmir Development Agency: Official Institution on duty 

• ÇÖYDER (Modern Disabled Life Association) : Official Project Owner

• KSK (Karşiyaka Sports Club) : Project Partner 

• DTO Izmir Chamber of Shipping : Project Partner 

• Tülay Aktaş Deaf&Mute Elementary School : Project Partner 

• Piri Reis Grammer Schools : Project Partner 

• NTV (National News Channel) : Principal Media Sponsor  

• Gozuyilmaz Engineering Marine Industries Ltd : Equipment Support Sponsor 

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