About our Founder

Nazif İnam, has studied both “Marine Engineering” and “Mechanical Engineering” at Istanbul Technical University. He was graduated with distinction in 1975.

His first job in marine industry started immediately at the Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory’s Harbor, working as “Operational Engineer”.
After a year-and-a-half in Iskenderun, he joined the Turkish Navy for his compulsory service, and worked as “Dock Engineer” for 15 months in Mersin Military Shipyard.
Then he worked for a privately owned shipyard DEGAS, as “field control engineer” for a year and finally started working for the Alaybey Shipyard, the largest and the most capable shipyard on the Eastern coast of the Aegean Sea.
In Alaybey Shipyard, his career started at the “design and planning” department. After 7 years, he was awarded “chief engineer” title and moved to “production and mounting” department, becoming the engineer in charge for the main production workshop and facilities.
His final duty station at the shipyard was the floating dock, working as the engineer in charge for the dry-dock and docking affairs, where he served another 8 years.
During his professional career at various shipyards, he has leaded or actively taken part in the production and building of approximately 60 ships and vessels with different sizes, and many more repair and fitting works.
After such a distinctive career, both in construction and repairing pillars of marine engineering, our founder, Nazif İnam, decided to set up a company to make use of his expertise in a more dynamic environment. His sole purpose was to use the latest and the most environmentally friendly technology for the best quality of service with an open-minded approach and a problem-solving orientation. That is where the whole story of Gözüyılmaz LTD. has started.