Field Steel Processing & Machining Services on Site

When institutionally established in 1996, Gozuyilmaz Engineering & Marine Industries started field steel processing, welding and machining services as the company's core business and conducted such services mostly in Naval Shipyards. In early late 2000s, Gozuyilmaz become Turkish Navy's greatest steel processing service provider with over a 200.000 kg/month on site.

Gozuyilmaz gradually expanded its steel processing & machining service range to petroleum refineries and energy sectors; completing pre-prodution in the company workshops and performing mounting and commissioning services on site.

Although Gozuyilmaz now, conducts other major operations and specializes in different areas; still field steel works, welding and machining services prevail an important branch of our company. Due the fact our on site services has been a dinamo in our progress and development and it helped us to become a respected complete solution provider in Marine Engineering Industry, we give significant emphasis on this department.

Field Steel Processing & Machining Services on Site gozuyilmaz engineering