Dredging Pipeline / Floaters

Dredging Pipeline

Dredging Pipe is used to transfer the material to the requested area. There are different types of material that isused for such pipelines. While traditional pipelines have been steel pipes with floaters; there are now lighter and cost effective soutions like HDPE (High Density Polyethlene) pipes UHMW (Ultra High Monecular Weight) etc. Those pipes are connected one another via flange joints, where the connecting pieces have flanges by which the parts are bolted together.

Such systems are arguable the most convinient and cost effective means for delivery of the produced material for most cases. 

 Dredging PipeFlexible Discharge Hose

Flexible Discharge Hoses are available in any size, burst pressure up to 150 bar. Liner thickness specified applies to the inside of the hose as well as the flanges. These discharge hoses and sleeves are for the delivery of sand and gravel mixed with water. They can be equipped with all the different types of flanges. Normally flexible discharge hoses are used to connect sections of discharge pipeline, but also the suction pump’s discharge pipe to the pipeline. The tube is made of SBR/NR rubber, which resists abrasion and lacerations. It is also reinforcement with high strength synthetic cord, which is divided by layers of natural rubber.


Dredging pipeline floaters, are arguable one of the key components behind a successful dredging operation. The key to success is not only evaluating the correct size, volume and lay out of floaters; but also wall thickness, quality of material and correct PE foam to fill inside the floaters. As Turkey’s major supplier, Gozuyilmaz went trough difficult trial and error process before reaching out the best combination of components and suppliers. Therefore please feel free to contact us for any kind of technical assistance.