Backhoe Dredgers

A backhoe or a dipper dredger has a bachoe, mounted on the structure as it is in some excavators. A simple but functional backhoe dredger can be made also made by mounting a landtype backhoe excavator on a ponttoon. 

Most of greatest backhoe dredgers in the world feature barge-mounter excavators, Small backhoe dredgers can betrackmounted and work from the bank of ditches.

A backhoe dredger is equipped with a half-open shell. The shell is filled moving towards the machine. The dredged material is usually loaded in barges. These machines are predominantly used in harbours and other shallow water operations, where trailing suction hopper dredgers are not feasible to use.

Sometime customer ask for different applications for their specific request. Inthe past HDD-GM has placed a pump at the backside of the bucket. Some years later we made a crawler. A crwler is an excavator but we take of the engine and put this on the ponton. So the crawler was able to work unter water till 100m. Depending on the length of hydrauclic hoses between ponton and crawler.



We Have designed a multifunctional backhoe dredger along with a hopper for a recent customer. And the excavators should be able to work with a bucket, pump, auger, cutter or even a vibro hammer.

Each backhoe works with 3 spuds and winches for lifting out a part of the vessel. One spud of our desing is a traveling spud. For propulsion we have 2 thrusters, the power is based on the required sailing speed.

GM & HDD backhoe dredger will be constructed using the latest techonological developments.

GM & HDD works with many excavator suppliers but each excavator is to be build specifically for maritime operations.

Hitachi, Liebherr, Komatsu, Caterpillar are the leading brands with each pros and cons depending on the applications. With the combined expertise on the desing and the construction side, GM &HDD is able to analyze the best options for you and conduct the custom desing and bulding at highest quality standards.