Young Professional Development Scheeme (YPDS)


Since the establishment of the company, Gozuyilmaz LTD. gives emphasis to the traditional oriental “usta-çırak” (master-cadet) principle. This principle was interpreted as “share your knowledge, make it flourish!”. With this starting point, Gozuyilmaz LTD. has introduced a unique YPD scheme, which aims to support young enthusiasts by training, educating and guiding them according to their wishes and abilities. On this regard the YPDS was grounded onto three pillars, which are:
1-Internship Program
2-Pre-employment Program & Post-employment Development
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YPDS’s Internship Program is open for those, who are aged between 16 and 26, regardless of their ethnic, national or religious background. The program aims to give the interns an insight view to the marine industry in Turkey, a valuable experience on the field, and a certain degree of responsibility in the conduct of technical-skill-required works.

This is paid program with transportation and lunch imbursements. YPDP’s internship program was specifically designed for the students of engineering or design faculties of technical high schools, however it is ideal for those who are keen on adopting his/her academic studies in line with the shipyard environment before graduation.

The interns are expected to work responsibly and will be allocated to a staff officer in the company. They will be given a specific project according to their interests and abilities. The internship is flexible as to be full-time or part time, full weekdays or certain days of the week according to the needs the company and the intern. But it must stand on a regular time basis, which shall be approved by the staff officer.

The internship is ideally for three months. Exceptions however may be accepted depending on the current work-load and time-schedule of the specific department. Visa application support given.


YPDS’s pre-employment program is open for those, who are aged between 18 and 28, regardless of their ethnic, national or religious background. Pre-employment program aims to match the objectives and capabilities of a prospective employee with the requirements and strategic orientation of Gözüyılmaz.

According to the program, the prospective employee moves around the departments of the company for certain time periods, works with different staff officers, and takes part in different projects. After the competition of six months in the company, the prospective employee will be tasked to independently complete a project, the title and the scope of which shall be approved by the relevant staff officer, who will be also the project supervisor.

The program is only for most capable and dedicated students without and job experience requested. JEP is full time and paid position and normally takes 9 to 15 months depending on the department.

After the competition of one, exceptionally one and a half years, the performance and the achievements of the employee will be evaluated according to the feedbacks of the staff officers. During the pre-employment period, the employee will have regular salary and he or she will be entitled to all social benefits of the company.

Having invested to a young person for reasonable amount of time, it could be expected that the prospective employee is to be offered a permanent contract. That is true in some cases however there is no guarantee to do so.


This program was specifically designed for systematically investing in Gözüyılmaz’s employees. The program includes further academic and language educations, technical and administrative skills improvement and relevant information technology updates. Though volunteer, all Gözüyılmaz employees, especially those who are at earlier stages of their careers, are strongly encouraged to take part in the program.

Due to the privacy policy of the company, no further information is available for public.


Gozuyilmaz Engineering department concerns with the machinery and systems of ships and other marine vehicles and structures.


Our Marine construction department focuses on building and conversation of floating steel structures, platforms and specific purpose vessels.

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Our technical personnel are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

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