Experienced player in survey and inspection operationsSurvey - Inspection

The experience gained in almost 30 years of activity and compared worldwide with on-site presence allow to acquire greater knowledge.

Gözüyılmaz is an experienced player in survey and inspection operations for any kind of floating steel structures including ships, boats, ferries, naval vessels, floating bridges, platforms, pontoons etc. Our engineers so far have successfully completed many challenging projects for leading global companies and institutions.

Once the contact is signed, we inform a progress management document, which is used for our client clearly to understand each stages of an inspection. As a result of an inclusive survey & inspection, a comprehensive assessment report is prepared by our experts: The final report indicates the overall condition of the vessel or the structure including all of its components.

During inspections, latest technology equipments are used, ultrasonic measurements are completed and technical data analysis is done. Under certain circumstances, where our own technical machine park is not sufficient for a particular assesment, we choose to subcontract expert institutions and companies as we have done many times before with Istanbul Technical University, Izmir University of Advanced Technology etc. Our inspectors were proved to be quite realistic in their structural analysis, repair and dry docking estimations.

Our survey – inspection services include;

  • Damage survey
  • Pre-loading survey
  • Draft survey
  • Measurement
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Inclining experiments and sea trials
  • Engineering calculations