Cutter suction dredgers, backhoe dredgers, barges and supply vesselsConstruction of Special Purpose
Vessels and Steel Structures

Gozuyilmaz has lately focused on building special purpose vessels like cutter suction dredgers, backhoe dredgers, barges and supply vessels particularly due to the demand from dredging, drilling, land reclamation, and heavy civil marine construction industries.

Our marine construction department has traditionally focused on building and conversation of floating steel structures, work platforms, pontoons and similar purpose built structures. Then gradually shifting more and more complicated projects, we have accumulated experience in special purpose vessels. As a result of combined efforts with leading companies in the industry, Gözüyılmaz developed significant expertise and hands on knowledge in development and conduct of such projects all over the world.

Although we have an in-house design department, still we are continuously and progressively improving ourselves and subcontract leading design companies mostly from Holland and Germany. Once the designs are completed, we are able to conduct the remaining processes of building.

We aim to work as a complete solution provider for our clients, as we improve and personalize design with our expertize, and come up with innovative solutions to the most challenging projects.