World class Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) accredited services.Non-Destructive Testing

Gözüyılmaz conducts world class Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) accredited services. Our qualified personnel hold valid certificates, which were authorised by internationally recognized institutions. Our operators are supervised at all times by senior marine engineers, who have significant experience in ship repair and shipbuilding.

All NDT and ultrasonic thickness measurement operations are conducted according to the international class rules and regulations. All our Non destructive survey equipment and ultrasonic thickness gauges are latest technology equipments, the accuracy and calibration of which are regularly controlled by our specialist personnel.

Our engineers are on site during manufacture of welded joints, which are inspected using Flaw Detectors or Phased Array systems to ensure they are defect free.

Similar techniques are used to inspect key components such as, boilers, shafts and propellers.
Likewise thickness and damage surveys are carried out, using state of art ultrasonic thickness gauges such as Cygnus 4 or TG110. These instruments allow for coating rejection and differentiation of plate inclusions from wall loss.